Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Phooled by my Fone

I was reading on the internet this morning, keeping an eye on the computer's clock because I needed to be at work for 2pm. The clock rolled round to 12pm, so i dragged myself out of bed thinking 2 hours was plenty of time to walk the dog, get a shower, get some lunch, etc. But when i checked my mobile phone it told me it was 1pm! Now, I trusted the time on the phone because I had changed it on Sunday after getting to work an hour late because i was caught out by the time adjustment. So, anyway, I rushed to get ready, took the dog out, quickly nabbed a sandwich from the nearby deli, and jumped onto a bus and got to work with (i thought) 2 minutes to spare.

"Don't you start at 2 o'clock?" asked on of my co-workers.

"It's the afternoon, its too late for an April's fool," said I.

Then i checked the clock and he was right. So it looks like my phone corrected itself for daylight saving time on April Fool's Day rather than last Sunday as it should have. Sheesh.

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