Sunday, 4 November 2007

Creationism vs. Evolution

The LoveCraken is a kid i met through the web who makes videos and posts them on youtube. He has recently gotten engaged in the Creationism vs. Science debate, taking aim at some tube called Eric Hovind by parodying his creationist propaganda:

The Hovinds have been getting people banned from youtube, claiming copyright infringement, despite the fact that they have publicly disavowed any copyright claims in the past. This is Rabid Ape explaining the situation:

I understand that some of the people who have found themselves censored never even used any of the Hovinds’ footage, and are guilty only of responding to their arguments. The creationists are basically abusing copyright law, and it is possible they will end up being prosecuted for this; if I can find any of the relevant links, I may post a more complete account later. As far as I’m aware, the story hasn’t been picked up by the print media at all (at least not here in the UK) which is surprising cos I’d have thought it is the kind of story the Guardian would love.

In discussing the Creationist vs. Science debate with the Craken over MSN, I have recommended he checks out some of the talks at which emphasise that science and christianity have the same aims of discovering the truth, and that the sciences themselves grew out of a christian worldview.

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